Survival Guide is on CreativeLive!

Did you know the Keatley Survival Guide is available on CreativeLive??? Last year, John and Nichelle completed a two-day intensive course, called “The Business of Commercial Photography: The Survival Guide“.

Our in-person workshop is two and a half, 12+ hour days PACKED with information, and fitting it into a 2-day CreativeLive course in front of a live audience was an exciting opportunity to re-think Survival Guide to some extent. All of the original content was not going to fit into this condensed course, but evaluating and determining what the core gems were and how to pair it with new information and the guest presence of a photography rep, made this course unique, complementary, and important for photographers.

Topics discussed ranged from how to decipher the roles of various people in the commercial and editorial industry (i.e. Art Directors, Agents, Art Buyers), reviewing various bids, and how to effectively market yourself to prospective clients. Having the opportunity to hear directly from Maren Levinson, owner and photography rep at Redeye Reps, was extremely valuable and a huge addition to this course. She was able to provide keen insight into how the photography industry is changing, what reps and art buyers are looking for, and how she and John, together, work in tandem to tackle the efforts of marketing and bidding.

If running a business is a challenge for you, this course is a jumping off point to gain confidence in this industry and to turn your passion into a paid profession. We hope you enjoy it!